Murray Levine is short, fat and bald and ugly, but he has a nice smile. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up with tenacity and perseverance.

A retired ultra-endurance athlete, he has completed a 24 hr triathlon, the 170 km Canadian Ski Marathon, a 214 mile cycling event and many, many other 6+ hour outings.

He married his being an athlete to fund-raising in 1987, and his ideas have brought well over $2 billion to charities.

No athletic events in the world raise more for charity than the ones that have adopted his concept.

In Quebec, his efforts led to the creation of the Grande Guignollee des Medias, to La Presse doing far more than they were doing for Centraide than previously, and he turned the late Pierre Peladeau into a fund-raiser during the 1996 deluge in the Saguenay region.



  1. Short, fat and bald… ha ha!!

  2. Murry is a pit bull – and I mean that in a nice way.

    When he has an idea in mind he sticks to it like glue.

    Cheers to mavricks! They make the world a more interesting place to live.

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