Posted by: pafmurray | March 9, 2013

Is This A Sign of Intelligence? :o)

There is a video below, in which a borough mayor shows exactly what politicians are in Montreal. Are you impressed or are you sickened?

A couple of weeks ago, Dorval asked Velo Quebec for a letter welcoming all charities to piggyback upon the events of Velo Quebec, and use them as vehicles by which to raise funds.

Westmount and TMR may be asking for the same. I have been asking the Borough of CDN-NDG to request such a letter of Velo QC for over 18 months. Montreal gave Velo QC $1 million during the last year that I checked. In the same year Montreal charged charities $170,000 to stage athletic events that actually raised funds for worthy causes.

If Velo QC provided such a letter, their events would have more participants, and Velo QC would make more $$$.

Sound good?


This is QC, the worst province by far for both charitable giving and voluntarism. The per capita contribution for cancer research and every other area of research is 50% of what it is in every other province. The reason why charitable giving in QC is as high as it is, is because not everyone in QC is Quebecois.

Quebec has major sociological problems and “NO” the reason for the low level of giving is not because of taxation/being poor. Quebec is not the poorest province, and we are no longer the highest taxed.

Advance the following video to 83:10 and watch another politician do the exact opposite as he swore to do.

If you find his response sickening, please feel free to tell him so. His email address is

It is long overdue for the Quebecois to give to charities at the same rate that the provinces poorer than Quebec do. The people of Quebec fund medical research at only about 50% of what the rest of Canadians do. Here are the most recent stats re charitable giving across Canada. Note how low Quebec’s median is, and NOPE, we are not the poorest province nor the highest taxed anymore:

The problem is sociological and Mayor Perez, Mayor Applebaum, Marvin Rotrand and almost every other Montreal politician is helping to perpetuate the dubious distinction.

See the following post (video) of Mayor Michael Applebaum, recipient of Montreal’s Hypocrite of the Decade Award



  1. Michael Applebaum took over as interim mayor last November after former mayor Gerald Tremblay resigned amid corruption allegations. Gilles Vaillancourt, the former longtime mayor of Laval, was arrested in a sweep last month on corruption charges.
    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who leads Canada’s largest city, is facing unrelated allegations that appeared he on tape smoking crack cocaine.Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should have taken a drug test recently! But He did NOT
    Mayor Rob Ford was convicted of “driving under the influence” in 1999, lied to the public and reporters about yelling drunken obscenities at a Maple Leafs game in 2006, has twice been charged with assault, and has history of name-calling at Toronto City Council. Rob Ford’s mayoralty was a streetcar wreck. Mayor Rob Ford fumbled the future of public transit. Rob Ford failed abysmally to exercise the powers of persuasion and compromise that every mayor needs to lead Toronto city council. Rob Ford’s mayoral utterances were a string of simplistic slogans like his campaign statements. Mayor Rob Ford took aim at City of Toronto employees who dared to get in his way. Mayor Rob Ford failed utterly to understand the line between his personal interests and his role as the city’s chief elected official. Mayor Rob Ford called senior civil servants to his office to demand paving and other repairs outside his family business – DECO Labels. Mayor Rob Ford used publicly paid workers in his office to help coach his football team. Mayor Rob Ford called the head of the TTC about a TTC bus that was being dispatched to pick up his high school football team after an aborted game.
    Mayor Rob Ford called 911 when a CBC comedian showed up on his driveway; who accosted a CBC reporter who was simply doing his job by checking out a property the mayor Rob Ford wanted to buy near his house; who wanted the city’s accountability officers reformed out of existence when some of them questioned his conduct or decisions.

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