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Breaking News: Marvin Rotrand caught lying in Twitter message to Murray Levine.

News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin News Bulletin

Montreal has backtracked. They have advised that I do not have to apologize to Marvin Rotrand for telling him to: 

“KISS MINE!” (after he lied about what I wrote to the entire city council).

My lawsuit against Montreal for infringing on my fundamental right to freedom of expression will continue though.

In order to be allowed back into the city council chamber, I have to apologize to the President of the council. I will do that. My first questions of Mayor Tremblay and Marvin Rotrand will be:

“When will I have your written apologies for making pledges to me in public to do what is in the best interest of the public, and then both not honouring your pledges? If you do as promised I will withdraw this request for apologies. Will you both now do as promised or will you simply be apologizing in writing?



Please see this link for the latest statistics on charitable giving in Canada and just how terrible the stats are for Quebec.

In this video Murray Levine is escorted out of a city council meeting after Marvin Rotrand misrepresents himself. (The previous blog post expands on that.) Rotrand left out two sentences of what Levine wrote and what he referred to as being in small letters was actually in much larger letters.

In Levine’s personal opinion, Marvin Rotrand is a politician in the worst possible sense, and is no longer a person. It has reached a point where Levine says that he actually finds Rotrand to be pathetic. 😦

In this video Murray Levine is refused the right to ask a question.

A mise en demeur has been signed for by Montreal and Montreal may be sued for infringing on my legal right to ask a question, as is guaranteed by the Cities and Towns Act.

All are strongly encouraged to forward this blog to Marvin Rotrand and ask him why he makes promises to do what is in the best interest of all of us, and then reneges on doing so.

The following is exactly how things went down and anything written/said to the contrary, is not the truth!

An open letter to Marvin Rotrand, City Councillor; All of the following is in Murray Levine’s personal opinion, and the facts are the facts. Anything to the contrary is BS. Please note that Murray Levine is a FULL TIME volunteer, loves what he does, and does not get paid a single cent for either his activism or fundraising.

Dear Marvin,

As you are aware I am a volunteer fundraiser and activist. I have actually been one since 1988.

Ideas that I have had have raised countless millions of dollars per year for charities. If people in your political party had brains, hearts and integrity, far more would be raised every year!

Years ago, Jack Herrity, a Vice President of the TD Bank wrote to me; “Two words that you must be very familiar with are tenacity and perseverance, for they are an embodiment of your character.”

For the past 19 yrs., as you are very aware, I have been on the case of Velo QC, as they will not add a fundraising component to their events. Years ago you supported the goal but I never asked you, or for that matter anyone, to support my methods. Remember, I am an activist. When logic does not prevail, I embarrass people into doing things that they should have happily done, without being embarrassed. While I would much prefer that people listened to reason, and did what is in the best interest of all, unfortunately the overwhelming majority do not.

You are now a perfect example of that. In June, at the CDN-NDG borough council meeting, I asked and, you agreed to WRITE (emphasis added) to the presidents  of the NYC Marathon and Bike NY. You were to ask them for the pros and cons that their events have experienced by raising $$ for charity. You were then supposed to send the letters received to Mayor Gerald Tremblay, to Velo QC and to myself.

At the October meeting you agreed to ask Velo Quebec for a to whom this may concern letter, welcoming all charities to piggyback upon Velo QC events, in order to raise funds for their own charities.

You did not fulfill either of your pledges.

You advised at the October meeting that you had called the NYC Marathon, had spoken to an underling who directed you to their website, and then YOU decided without doing as you had pledged, that the presidents of the two events would not write such letters!

You later changed your story, and mentioned that you had left phone messages (but not for the presidents) that were never returned.

Both of those presidents (and I have never spoken to either) replied favourably to me when I asked if they would write to Mayor Gerald Tremblay, if he asked them the same questions that you were supposed to ask them both. The two presidents replied affirmatively within 18 hrs of my sending them the emails.
Mayor Tremblay refused to do as I asked him to do, after you reneged on both of your pledges.

A week ago I received from Access to Information a copy of your letter to Velo QC. There was no mention in it whatsoever of what you had pledged to ask them for. While you mentioned that you allowed the letter to be released to me via Access to Information, we both know that since the letter was not private correspondence, the letter was available to anyone upon request.

Both of my requests (that you agreed to) were made verbally, and printed copies of the two requests were handed to the borough representative at the two council meetings. There was no question of forgetting what the requests actually were.

You have sworn an oath to do “fully what is in the best interest of the public”. As it is in the best interest of the public to see that more funds are raised for charity, especially in QC, whose median annual receipted charitable contribution (from those who donated) in 2010 was a disgusting $130, while in poorer 9th place New Brunswick it was $300. in my personal opinion you have broken your sworn oath of doing what is “fully what is in the best interest of the public.*

In full view of this you tried to discredit me publicly at the last borough council meeting. I find your behaviour repulsive and I only have rachmunis (pity)for you.

You belong to a political party that saw Velo QC, receive $974,000 (that I am aware of) in funding and support from the Ville de Montreal/STM in 2009 or 2010, while charging charities and NPOs staging athletic events that actually raised funds for charities, $170,000 at Parc Jean Drapeau alone! That is not a very good example of doing “fully what is in the best interest of the public.*

Above and beyond your position as a city councilor, I have been told that you earn another $63,000 from the public treasury for doing jobs that Mayor Tremblay appointed you to. Is an additional $63,000/yr the difference between doing what is in the best interest of the citizens, and what Mayor Gerald Tremblay dictates to you?

Last summer, both Mayor Tremblay and you mentioned that if I changed my tactics that perhaps people would support my efforts. I did as you both asked and as a result all that you have done is waste seven months that could have been put to far better use.

All who are in a position to help solve any of Quebec’s numerous sociological problems, deserve to be deeply ashamed of themselves, if they do nothing. IMHO both you and Mayor Tremblay, should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.

Do you ever intend to live up to your oath of office and do “fully what is in the best interest of the public”?

Murray Levine
“Social Activist/Consciousness Raiser/Charity Activist”



  1. I wish you much success in getting Mr. Rotrand to comply and keep his word, and to remove any pejorative labels that you are nothing but a troublemaker.
    As you surely know, politics is often nothing more that the last refuge of our social refuse. Few keep their oath, most just love being jerks and Mr. Rotrand is no exception – sadly!

  2. Hi Murray,

    I am reminded of the famous lines by Edmund Burke – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    Keep on fighting the “Good fight!”


  3. Did Marvin lie to me? Unfortunately, yes and here it is in black and white from a Twitter conversation:
    30 Oct Murray @MurrayLev

    • • Open
    @MarvinRotrand Hey Marvin; Did you ask Velo QC for the letter allowing all charities to use their events to raise $$? Please advise
    Marvin Rotrand @MarvinRotrand
    • Close
    @MurrayLev Yes I did.

    6:02 PM – 1 Nov 11 via web • Details
    • Reply
    • Retweet
    • Favorite
    If you wish to see the letter that he actually sent, please leave a comment requesting it.

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