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ATTN: ALL POLITICIANS “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Abraham Lincoln—- “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

For some unusual reason, many, if not most people, have little faith in most politicians. 🙂

At the June borough council meeting of CDN-NDG, Councilor Marvin Rotrand agreed to contact the presidents of both the NYC Marathon and Bike New York. (Participants in the 2 events that chose to raise $$ for charity raised about $35 million in 2011.) Two months later, Councilor Rotrand advised me that he spoke to an “underling” at the marathon who directed him to their website. He then told me that he felt that neither official would get back to him. According to his response, he backed out of his pledge without even attempting to contact both presidents.

On Dec 18, I emailed both presidents  and both replied favourably within 18 hrs. To this day, I have never spoken with either. (Note what Rotrand says on the 2nd video below.)

I then asked Councilor Rotrand early in  October (at the CDN-NDG meeting), to acquire a letter from Velo QC confirming for ALL charities that they could piggyback upon Velo QC events and raise funds for their own charities. Rotrand advised that he would do this. 

He advised on several occasions since then, after being reminded of what he himself had advised that he would ask, that Velo QC had not replied.

On January 13, Access to Information forwarded me the letter that Councillor Rotrand sent to Velo QC. The question that Councilor Rotrand was supposed to ask did not appear. In fact there was no question whatsoever so there was really nothing for Velo QC to respond to. Please note that when I make an initial request of a politician (as I made of Tremblay in the first video) the request is made in writing.

Marvin Rotrand has wasted seven months by failing to do, not once, but twice what he promised to do at the CDN-NDG council meetings. By failing to do as he has promised to do Marvin Rotrand has failed to help not me, but you, me and humanity at large.

Councilor Rotrand is the elder statesman of municipal politicians in Montreal and in my personal opinion is equal to the worst that I have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of encountering, not only in politics, but in life itself.

A man who pledges to do what is clearly in the best interest of all, does nothing and then has the audacity to claim that he has lived up to his pledges, is in my personal opinion beneath contempt.

If you would like to have a copy of the letter that Councilor Rortand actually sent to Velo QC, please send an email to:

Please note that in neither of the following videos has Councilor Rotrand contested what I mentioned regarding the letter that he was supposed to have written, or to whom.

He cannot attack the message, so he felt compelled to attack the messenger. This “messenger” welcomes such attacks because such attacks show the opposition for exactly what they are. 🙂

More Greetings

” Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. ”

What Marvin says below is definitely NOT what he said to me at the CDN-NDG Borough Council Meeting on Dec. 5

As far as what I wrote being “a veiled threat”, what I wrote was a promise. PLEASE NOTE THAT MARVIN READ ONLY PART OF WHAT I WROTE TO HIM (IN ORDER TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT HE WANTED PEOPLE TO HEAR) AND THAT HIS MENTIONING WHAT I SAID ABOUT IT NOT BEING A PHYSICAL THREAT, WAS NOT IN SMALLER TYPE BUT ACTUALLY LARGER.): “Marvin; I expect you to deliver on both promises fast. If you don’t, I swear to you, that you will regret it, as I will embarrass you with your words, as you deserve to be embarrassed, to no end. You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is a promise (a real one)! And don’t worry, this is NOT a physical threat.

(Marvin neglected to read the following)

I will simply ask you questions, demonstrate in order to bring attention to exactly what you are, until you live up to your word (both cases). You are a hell of a lot more convenient than Mayor Tremblay.

Don’t bother responding to this email until you have something very positive for me.

Happy Chanukah! 🙂


This blog and the demonstrations/efforts to attract viewers to it is what Marvin Rotrand considers to be; “a veiled threat”!  :o)

Most do not have the stomach for activism. I do and I have been very successful with it.

I am an activist NOT to live up to anyone else’s expectations, but simply to live up to mine.
I do it because I enjoy bringing about change for the better.
Those who do nothing are great at second guessing, those of us who do!

I find it very amusing that the President of the Council is making like he is talking to me asking for me to essentially apologize in writing. The only problem is that he was hamming it up for the camera, and I was no longer in the room. I was being escorted out as I was saying that I wanted to hear his answer. 🙂

I have written to MAMROT (Municipal Affairs Ministry) regarding the matter of Rotrand essentially announcing that he took what I wrote as a “veiled threat” when it was explicit that I would embarrass him as any activist worth his salt does. Making threats, veiled or otherwise is a criminal offense and Rotrand’s mentioning that it was a threat shows IMHO just how low he is.

This council is a complete sham and while I try and increase charitable giving in QC, the worst place by far for it in Canada, these politicians gave $1 million of your tax dollars to Velo QC while they charged charities $130,000 to stage fundraising athletic events at Parc Jean Drapeau “Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul.”Thomas Paine

Please send this blog post to Marvin Rotrand along with your best wishes for a healthy and good 2012!  Just click on his email address : .
It’ s as easy as that. He gets them directly on his Blackberry and if you are lucky he may read your e-mail at a council meeting.  


The following articles are the best that I have seen regarding the integrity or lack thereof on the part of politicians.

Click here for a Psychology Today article entitled: How Power Corrupts Leaders to understand how the mind of a politician works and click here to see why they become arrogant and break the laws they take oaths to protect.

To be continued, and that is a promise! 🙂



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