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Murray Gets Under Mayor Tremblay’s Skin Again (Part 6)

At the June city council meeting (video below) you will see Mayor Gerald Tremblay literally “wipe the floor” with Murray. Is Tremblay insinuating that Murray is a racist by Murray’s tactic of always comparing the Anglos to the Francos?

Did Murray try and have La Presse emulate The Gazette Christmas Fund, and obviously benefit more less fortunate Quebecois, because Murray is a racist? Did Murray put his neck on the line, and possibly face a lawsuit when he defamed and libelled La Presse publisher Roger D. Landry, CC, OQ. in order to have him do good for all humanity?

McGill raises over seven times what the U de M raises. The Ste Justine’s Children’s Hospital would have raised $113 million last year, if its constituency were as charitable as the constituency of the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Instead, only $20.8 million was raised. Quebec has some obvious major sociological problems and unfortunately the Quebecois are in denial regarding the one that Murray (and Murray alone) is attempting to solve.

At the previous council meeting, Murray told Mayor Tremblay that nobody should be ashamed of the statistics, but anyone in a position to improve the situation should be ashamed of themselves, if they did nothing, like Mayor Tremblay. (See the previous post for the video.)

Note how Tremblay tries to shift the onus onto Murray to change his behaviour. Whose administration is presently under investigation by the Ministry of Public Security? Which society in Canada has the lowest rates by far for charitable giving, voluntarism, blood contributions and entrepreneurs? Which society enjoys the highest rate of pet abandonment and high school dropouts?

Mayor Tremblay is in an excellent position to improve the situation re charitable giving/voluntarism, but on the day of the last election, Mayor Tremblay’s party used Velo Quebec headquarters and employees to get re-elected. The upper echelon of Velo QC contributed to Mayor Tremblay’s election campaign. Tremblay nominated the past-President/Founder of Velo Quebec as chairman of the STM while Montreal’s funding of Velo Quebec increased by 60%, to $972,000 in 2010, and fundraising events had to pay Montreal $170,000 to stage athletic fundraising events at Parc Jean Drapeau alone!

Perhaps someone should explain the concept of a conflict of interest to the mayor, but with all of the crap surrounding the illegality of BIXI, and the ever continuing scandals at Hotel de Ville, would it make any difference at all to him?

On June 21st The Gazette published Murray’s following letter:

Re: Henri Aubin’s Tremblay won’t rule out another term (Gazette June 18); Mr. Aubin mentions that the other possible contenders are Louise Harel, Richard Bergeron, Gilbert Rozon and Denis Coderre.
Mme Harel is a soverignist so she has a snowball’s chance in hell.
Richard Bergeron speculated in his book the Bush administration carried out the 9/11 attacks as an “act of state banditry of titanic proportions” so we all know what he smokes.
Gilbert Rozon will not do very well with the woman voters, as in 2000 he plead guilty to sexual assault. While Denis Coderre has yet to march in solidarity with the citizens of Syria who are being butchered by their leader, he did find the time to march three years ago under the flag of Hezbollah, an outlawed terrorist group.
As far as Mayor Tremblay is concerned; he has experience. If one forgets about the water meters, bids without tender, spying on everyone, being investigated by the Ministry of Security, giving $1 million/yr to Velo QC while charging fundraising events $170,000 at Parc Jean Drapeau alone, etc., etc. He has appeal. Fortunately for him, the overwhelming majority of Montreal’s citizens seem to have Attention Deficit Disorder and fail to learn.



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