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At the end of my questions on the video below, Mary Deros asks that I not be allowed to ask questions in the future! 🙂

Politicians welcome democracy when it gets them elected. What happens after that can be amusing and it is my job to make things amusing at hotel de ville!

Here is an excellent rendition of Mayor Tremblay by The Gazette’s cartoonist, Aislin:

For those who did not hear, the provincial government is investigating Montreal City Hall. Is it possible that Mayor Tremblay, etc. are dishonest? How could anyone even think that?

What Marvin Rotrand (Tremblay’s pit bull) forgot to mention when he replied for Mayor Tremblay in the video, is that while he supported my goal, when I found out about “a potential conflict of interest” that will be investigated by the Ministry of Security, and I called a year ago to discuss with Marvin, I never heard from Marvin. Could it be because Marvin is the vice-Chair of the STM and the Chairman is the Founder/past-President of Velo QC, Michel Labrecque?

As far as Marvin’s response all that he has done is excuse Mayor Tremblay for not fulfilling what he has sworn to do. He did not swear an oath to do as Velo QC chooses. He swore an oath to do what is in fully in the best interest of the public, and no one else.

Please feel free to forward this blog post as a training video to your friends, etc., on how to deal with politicians who forget that they are supposed to serve US and not their friends. Feel free to send to  I am sure that you can imagine that he likes to see me asking questions of him. 🙂

As far as my use of the word “crap” is concerned; from the dictionary: 3. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.



  1. respect! we the citizens demand respect from them, not the other way around. damn them all to hell.
    sorry Murray, for my language. it`s just that the scum that call themselves politicians really get under my skin.
    i`d love to attend one of these meetings, but i`m afraid of what my emotions might make me say. i`m very vulgar, 100000 times worse than you may imagine

  2. i believe that if you are asking questions in a formal setting such as question and answer period in/at city hall in montreal, making remarks such as (he is a chicken) and being disrespectful of the office in full view of the hall and on camera, that they are fully within their rights to ban you from asking questions, just as if you got upset and began yelling in any business in quebec, you would be thrown out. if you cant be respectful of people. why should they be respectful of you?

    • Andy – this is for you.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Please Google: Is something rotten in NDG?

    “As long as I have the respect of those that I respect, I do not care what others think of me.”

    Respect is a 2 way street and many politicians have yet to find it.

    The reality is that a questioner at a city council meeting is at a distinct disadvantage because politicians do happen to lie, there is no comeback, and they lie at council meetings as well in order to look good to the public. Making the comebacks as I did is very unsettling for them and of course they are going to feint being indignant. The only way that you can really appreciate the reality is to immerse yourself in it or to speak to someone who you know and trust who does try and accomplish things with politicians at the municipal level.

    Power corrupts, is not a fallacy and there are 2 articles concerning the problem from Psychology Today, on the 2nd to last blog post.

    I have absolutely no respect for politicians/individuals who make promises to do fully what is in the best interest of the public (as the politicians have so sworn) and then do nothing. Mayor Tremblay made 2 such promises to me (one on CJAD with 30,000 listening).

    If you look through the blog posts you will find mention of a conflict of interest on the part of Tremblay and his party vis a vis Velo QC. While Velo QC received $1 million from Montreal taxpayers in 2010, charities and NPOs were charged $160,000 at Parc Jean Drapeau alone to stage the exact same type of events. The only real difference is that the other events, as an added bonus to getting people to exercise, actually raised $$ for worthy causes.

    I would much prefer if politicians/people did what was in the best interest of humanity, when the opportunity presented itself. Unfortunately, such is not the case.

    As an activist I do what I do to create controversy and cause politicians to make mistakes and get it into the newspapers in order to have the issues brought before a wider forum. Yesterday I was interviewed by a CDN-NDG paper. Hopefully there will be more such interviews. As much as I welcome being interviewed, that is how much my opponents do not welcome being interviewed on the topic.

    I do not know if you looked only at the Mary Deros related blog or saw the last 2 posts. In a week I will commence legal action against Montreal for refusing me the right to ask questions at council meetings. That draws media attention. That is the goal, for obvious reasons.



  4. Legal action was taken about a month ago and the matter will go to court in about 18 months. If all goes well the decision will be rendered just before the next municipal election and hopefully open up the eyes of enough voters.

  5. Keep up the great work! You are a good man.

    • Hahaha Thanks BUT please tell that to my wife!! :o)

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