Posted by: pafmurray | February 23, 2011

Too Many Politicians, Like Diapers, Should Be Changed Often, And For The Same Reason.

On Sunday, June 5, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of residents of CSL, Westmount, Hampstead, TMR, CDN, NDG, etc will be greatly inconvenienced for absolutely no good reason whatsoever

Murray confronts Mayor Tremblay at City Hall Feb 21st 2011 about increasing charitable giving in Montreal.

Mayor Tremblay should have checked the stats first before using Centraide as an example of how charitable Montrealers are.

The per capita contribution of a person in Toronto was twice that of a Montrealer and in Ottawa it was three times that of Montreal.

Nine years ago Mayor Tremblay told me on CJAD, with 30,000 listening that he was going to speak to the President of Velo QC about cooperating with charity. What can be said about a man that makes a pledge to do something in the best interest of humanity and then does nothing?

A year ago when 250,000 lay dead in Haiti, I asked Tremblay to set up the Mayor of Montreal Charity Challenge and invite the 80,000 participants of Montreal’s major running and cycling events to raise $$ for Haiti and other worthy causes.

He told me that he would phone me the following day.

Q: How do you tell when a politician is lying?

A: “His lips are moving.”

Please feel free to write to Mayor Tremblay at and tell him how good he looks next to someone fighting to increase charitable giving in the worst place by far for it in Canada.


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