Posted by: pafmurray | November 11, 2010

Getting Thrown Out Of A Council Meeting Can Be Fun

WOW! it has been almost four months since the last post!

Last Sunday, 18 yrs after I first suggested it to them, the NYC Marathon used my concept to raise $$. Their goal was $26.2 million but over $30 million was raised.

I was not surprised as they had raised $24 million a year ago when they invited their participants to raise funds for any of 190 charities, so by opening it up for all charities the event does not limit what can be raised. People want to raise $$ for their favourite charity, if they are going to raise $$$, and not one, or one of 190 chosen by the organizers.

I still wait and hope that over 3,000 triathlons will adopt the concept. Negotiations are ongoing with a potential sponsor.

On November 1, I went to the Pierrefonds Borough Council Meeting to ask a question. One thing about politicians. Most can not impress with intelligence, so they try and baffle with bullsh*t.

Here is the story in the West Island Gazette:

Borough Mayor Monique Worth seems to excel at getting herself into the newspapers. Yesterday she was attacked in an editorial of the West Island Chronicle. It seems that she allowed western Pierrefonds to be developed, but did not ensure that there were roads available to take the people to the Trans Canada. That results in a 40 minute trip during rush hour for some to get to the highway alone!

Neighbouring Kirkland simply did what any city would do. They put up signs that did not allow drivers to turn onto their residential streets in order to avoid clogged traffic arteries.

Mayor Worth retaliated with her own signs disallowing rush hour turns, but the traffic flows the other way so I wonder what, if any effect they have!

Last Friday, Worth was attacked in an article in the local franco newspaper. She has banned the taping of the borough council meeting. That really went over well with the media. Here is a story concerning that:

The SPVM (police) have confirmed that Gouin could never be closed in order to allow Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal into and out of Pierrefonds. With that there is no way that Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal will be allowed back into the West Island unless the participants of Le Tour are invited to raise funds for charities.

Unfortunately, cities to the east of Decarie have yet to decide to ban the event so for now the event will continue to inconvenience the same people again and again.


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