Posted by: pafmurray | July 23, 2010

DDO Immitates Iran and Poor, Poor Monique Worth :o)

The following letter appears in the West Island Chronicle of July 21

When it comes to exercising my fundamental rights guaranteed by the Quebec and Canadian charters, I do not fool around. I await the decision re St. Laurent from the QC Human Rights Commission. When I see what happens there I will see if I will file a complaint against DDO as well.

21 Jul 2010

  • The Chronicle (Montreal)
  • Right to protest a fundamental one

    This morning, July 15, as I demonstrated peacefully at the intersection of des Sources and Brunswick boulevards, Dollard des Ormeaux public security infringed on my fundamental rights under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms ( Sections 10 and 10.1).

    I was told that I could not demonstrate where I was demonstrating, that I was blocking the sidewalk and that I should be demonst r a t i n g in Pierrefonds! That is plain and simple harassment and I was not, and will not be, intimidated.

    Sorry, but the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants me the right to peaceful assembly, I was not blocking the sidewalk and if I choose to demonstrate in DDO, the only thing that may entice me not to do so is if DDO donated $100,000 to the hospital that serves its residents!

    The purpose of the demonstration and the five preceding ones on des Sources and St. John’s boulevards were simply to entice the public to Google: ‘ Is something rotten in Pierrefonds?

    One of my signs mentioned; ” I am here because I believe that your life is not worthless.” The goal of the demonstrations is simply to help humanity.

    Another sign mentioned “In my personal opinion, our mayor should be in jail.” Why? On two occasions Pierrefonds broke the law where I was involved.

    Pierrefonds/Roxboro borough mayor Monique Worth has been a municipal politician for 21 years. Is it not time that she read the laws that municipal politicians are supposed to abide by? If she can not abide by them and if she is not prepared to do what is in the best interest of her citizens, and humanity at large, then in my personal opinion she should do the honourable thing, and resign.

    Murray Levine



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