Posted by: pafmurray | June 16, 2010

Can Mayor Tremblay tell the truth? Mayor Worth has an absolute fit! :o) (see the video below)

On June 14, I happened to be downtown, so took the liberty of walking over to city hall to ask a question of Mayor Gerald Tremblay at a city council meeting.

My preamble was over a minute long (and they do not like them over a min) so I rattled right through it. After Tremblay gave the response of a politician I used my favourite quotation regarding politicians.

A two time Pulitzer Prize winner once said; “If you tell a politician about a problem, and give them the solution, they will do nothing. Why? Because they are stupid.”

Here is the link to the video of the question period. When you move your mouse pointer on the video (bottom) a slider will appear. Drag the slider to 78:54 to watch my questions.

Please note that Montreal/STM is giving Velo QC a min of $972,000 this yr. If Mayor Tremblay had the best interest of Montrealers/humanity at heart, would he insist on inviting the 40,000+ participants to raise $$ for hospitals, medical research, feeding the poor and “100” other worthy things, or would he do nothing?

Other cities have banned Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal until they cooperate with charity, but in my personal opinion, it is obvious that Tremblay is doing nothing because of the exceedingly close relationship that he has with the past/present hierarchy of Velo QC. The matter is under investigation by the Min. of Municipal Affairs and Elections Quebec.

I look forward to visiting Tremblay again at City Hall.

* * *

On June 7 I attended the Pierrefonds Council Meeting. I await word to see if Mayor Worth again broke the law by discriminating against me, because I do not reside in Pierrefonds.

I walked in with 29 copies of the West End Times. On each one I had glued a tiny flier: Do the people of Pierrefonds-Roxboro deserve a mayor like Monique Worth?
Please see the letters to the editor on page 5 and the article on page 7
For additional information:

I handed out about 15 and then sat down. Then the fireworks began! Worth approached me as I sat and said very loudly; “I don’t deserve this!” I replied; “This is what I do to people who have it in their power to do good for humanity, and do nothing.” She then uttered some other things to which I replied in kind and then she said once again as she walked away; “I don’t deserve this.”

I replied; “This is only the beginning.”

I do not care for, nor do I have any respect for politicians that avoid doing what is in the best interest of the public! IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, if they are not in politics for the benefit of the people, they are in politics for the benefit of themselves!

After Worth walked away, people began coming up to me and asking for a copy. In all, 27 were distributed.

One of my favourite quotes is Thomas Paine’s; “Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”

A few days after the above meeting an article appeared in a bi-monthly publication l’Echo de l’Ouest. The unknown author of the news report did something very unusual for a news story. He/she tried to give me a dig.

This publication was recently condemned by the Conseil de presse du Quebec for being totally biased in favour of Monique Worth and Mayor Tremblay. It was a scathing attack. During the last election campaign they published press releases of Union Montreal, as if they were stories. They published nothing of the other political parties.

Three days ago I emailed the publication and asked for the name/email of the reporter. The email was ignored so I sent the decision of the Conseil to the advertisers of the publication.

I was just advised that Pierrefonds is advertising in the publication using public funds. It all sounds kind of fishy to me, and to others as well.

With regard to the 3,000+ events mentioned in the previous blog, the organization is discussing sponsorship with their major sponsors.

Please feel free to forward this blog to people that you know, especially in Pierrefonds. The demonstrations that have taken place mornings on Sources, St. Jean and St Charles at Brunswick all concern Pierrefonds/this matter and they will continue for as long as it takes for Borough Mayor Monique Worth to do what is in the best interest of humanity.

For Pierrefonds residents please click on this link, for Pierrefonds blog.


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