Posted by: pafmurray | June 4, 2010


With the recent deaths of the  three triathletes in Rougemont, I sent out overtures to several organizations and encouraged them to invite their participants to raise $$ in memory of the three for whatever the participants wished to raise $$ for. (my concept)

I heard promising news from all, BUT the largest organization was the most receptive, and fortunately, the most proactive.

As a result there appears to be an excellent chance that my concept will be used in over 3,000 athletic events.

If this happens, it would be the largest annual fund-raising effort in the world, and there is actually tremendous room for growth. Based on the 3,000 events, I imagine that there are over 20,000 events in the world, where the concept could be used. I have been waiting for this break since 1989 so the fact that I may have got the ball rolling with over 3,000 events,  is very welcome indeed.

There will be more news as it happens.

As you may recall, on Feb 17 I was threatened with arrest in St. Laurent for exercising my right of freedom of expression and political conviction.

Here is a link to The Suburban. There is a great story on page 10 that gives full details as to the present situation.

My information re the Commission is that they have to be pushed in order to take action, so I pushed with the assistance of one who wishes to remain anonymous.

I have also filed a complaint with the Police Ethics Commission and to Quebec Access to Information.. All of my requests for information to the Commandant of the station and SPVM Access to Information have essentially been ignored. My complaint re ethics is actually more directed at the Commandant and SPVM than the officers. Access to Info as they are supposed to communicate properly.

There is an awful lot happening and I will include the information in blogs as things do happen.

With all that is happening Velo Quebec/Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal is really irrelevant. What would be very amusing is to see the reaction of Montreal’s politicians should over 3,000 events adopt my concept. 😮


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