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“Brown Noser”- one who sucks up to a person in authority to rise through the ranks faster then his peers.

“‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.” Thomas Paine

If you want to see Mayor Gerald Tremblay cry and scream, please mention my name 😮!

Mayor Tremblay has now “misrepresented” himself to me either personally or through his proxies for a total of four times. Nonetheless I have a great deal of respect for him. I am just trying to figure out if he is dumb or simply great at acting dumb.

To his credit,  Mayor  “Pinocchio”  does not choose his borough mayors and councilors based on the colour of their skin, but in my personal opinion he most certainly does based on the colour of their noses!

It is in the interest of you and humanity at large, to see that the participants of Le Tour and other Velo QC events are invited to raise funds for hospitals, medical research and other worthy causes.

If this is not done, there is no question that people will die, that otherwise would not have (but what the H, we all eventually die anyways!). The more funds raised, the more lives saved. Nothing could be more obvious, but this is Quebec, so the obvious n’est pas apparent!

In my personal opinion:

CDN-NDG Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum has a brown nose simply because it is in his interest to do as Mayor Tremblay desires. Years ago Applebaum (through the head of Montreal’s Executive Committee) asked Mayor Pierre Bourque to invite the participants of Le Tour to raise $$. There is no way that Applebaum would do the same today (and he won’t), not with the high position that Tremblay has bestowed upon him.

Is this an example of an abuse of authority?

CDN-NDG Councilor Marvin Rotrand’s brown nose is due to the fact that he serves as the Vice President of the STM at the pleasure of Mayor Tremblay. At a council meeting months ago Marvin got up and said that I could use his name as a supporter of my cause. I have since decided to use the name of Benedict Arnold, instead. Here is one of Marvin’s finer moments:

St. Laurent Borough Mayor de Sousa is a congenial and intelligent brown noser, but in my personal opinion, like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz he lacks a heart, and as a result will not do what is in the best interest of the residents of St. Laurent, or humanity at large. (I look forward to seeing Alan’s smiling face at the Human Rights Tribunal. He can leave the other one at home.)

Pierrefonds Borough Mayor Worth has been in politics for about 21 years longer than she should, and can thus be credited with all that is wrong in Pierrefonds. Until recently she broke the law, seemingly as long as she has been in charge so she was ignorant. She stopped breaking it because of stories and letters that were published, and a complaint to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and a call from the Ombudsman’s office did not hurt. Mayor Worth is the type that does not allow the CBC to tape both questions and answers at council meetings. Revolutions have been started to bring down governments led by such people. Monique Worth is the member of the Executive Committee in charge of Recreation. Consequently I see myself having lots of fun with her in the future. She covers her brown nose quite well with makeup, but missed a spot. Here Monique gets fired:

Pierrefonds Councilor Bertrand Ward told a police sergeant that I could not ask a question at a Pierrefonds Council Meeting, because I did not live in Pierrefonds. When I emailed him, Worth and others the law, I did not receive an apology from either of them. Ward likes to sue people that attack him. I think that Bertrand Ward should be the mayor of the world. He is a very nice guy. I apologize for the fact that he was unaware about the law. He has a very nice beige nose and is very, very handsome and extremely intelligent when compared to others in Tremblay’s party, and is very likely their best golfer.

And now for the best part: Mayor Tremblay seemingly has a man (cyclist) in mind that he feels should one day replace him as Mayor.

This person (Michel Labrecque) was defeated in the last election in spite of being endorsed by La Presse, after Tremblay named him as the Chairman of the Societe de Transports de Montreal (STM). Everything going for him (except in my personal opinion-a heart) and he lost!

Michel Labrecque is the Founder and past-President of Velo Quebec. His dear, sweet girlfriend is Suzanne Lareau, President of Velo Quebec. For the benefit of humanity I pray that they do not procreate as in my personal opinion the gene pool could use improving. 🙂

This year, Montreal taxpayers will give $875,000, that I am aware of to Velo Quebec. The STM also funds Velo Quebec. Access to Info advised that the amount is $97,000! So we are talking $972,000 that I am aware of, from Monteal taxpayers alone. Velo QC actually appears to be a division of the Ville de Montreal!! :o)

On the day of the last election Mayor Tremblay’s party used Velo Quebec’s offices as a call centre.

Why anyone would think that there is any conflict of interest, when a mayor/party gives $972,000 (perhaps more) to an organization that supports their re-election, is beyond me, but the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Montreal’s Auditor General and Elections Quebec are nonetheless apparently all investigating.

Murray Levine


Philanthropic Athletes Foundation


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