Posted by: pafmurray | April 14, 2010

And Now a Conflict of Interest, On the Part of Montreal?

Gerald Fleurent
Coordinator for handling complaints
for municipalities
Office of the Deputy Minister
Ministry of Municipal Affairs

Dear Mr. Fleurent,

Yesterday evening, a gentleman sent me the following video of a meeting of the City Council of Montreal.

One of the councilors in the video has raised the possibility of a conflict of interest with respect to Montreal and Velo Quebec.

Michel Labrecque is a former president of Velo Quebec. He was appointed president of the Societe de Transport de Montréal (STM). The STM is a sponsor of Velo Quebec. I requested access to STM information as to the sum of $ it gave (will give to) Velo Quebec as well as the names of any other sports organizations they sponsor. I would be very surprised if the STM sponsored events where cyclists/runners are invited to raise $ for hospitals/medical research, etc.

Mr. Labrecque was a councilor of Mayor Tremblay’s party. He was defeated in recent elections. Suzanne Lareau (mentioned in the video) is president of Velo Quebec. She helped in Labreque’s failed election campaign.

Andrew Lavallee was a member of the Executive Committee of Montreal. He was defeated in the election in November. Andre Lavallee then obtained a high level of employment in transport for Montreal. He is a cycling activist and his association with Velo QC, goes back well over 30 years.

Mayor Tremblay’s party used the offices of Velo Quebec on the day of the election as a call center. Montreal City Council (as you see in the video) has voted to give $ 175,000 to Velo Quebec. This would be above the “$ 650,000” they give (2009) Velo Quebec, in order to stage the Tour de l’Ile de Montreal. We are now looking at around $825,000 of taxpayers’ money for 2010!

I think this situation must be studied to see if there is a conflict of interest and I look forward to hearing details of the investigation (if any).

Thank you,

Murray Levine

Please see the following link ,

and watch the last 30 minutes of Corporative Affairs video  and you will understand why nobody in Mayor Tremblay’s party has put any pressure upon Velo QC to cooperate with charities, as do thousands of similar events throughout the world.


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