Posted by: pafmurray | April 7, 2010

“MY ASSISTANT” IS TO RECEIVE ONE OF CANADA’s HIGHEST HONOURS and Pierrefonds Capitulated on April 7 :o)

For the past 22 years I have had one of Canada’s must respected and accomplished physicians as my mentor, supporter and friend.

He is a Companion of the Order of Canada and has received numerous prestigious awards from around the world for his accomplishments.

I was profoundly honoured that I was essentially invited by McGill University to nominate him for the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

On Tuesday night, Phil Gold, CC, OQ, MD, PhD, will be inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. He will be joining Drs. Banting and Best, Dr. Wilder Penfield, Dr. William Osler, Dr. Hans Selye, Dr. Norman Bethune and others whose contributions to medical science and humanity will long be remembered.

Here is what McGill University had to say about Dr. Gold after it was announced that his nomination had been accepted.

Does Dr. Gold endorse my tactics? I can’t rightly say that he does, but he knows why I use them! 🙂

* * * *

Last night Pierrefonds Borough Mayor Worth began to comply with the Cities and Towns Act, and allowed me to ask a question.

Everyone at any council meeting in Quebec has the right to ask a question, but last month in Pierrefonds, I was denied my legal right to ask one.  Previous to that no non resident was allowed to ask a question, as is their legal right.

I thank The Suburban and the West End Times for publishing my letters on the topic, as well as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Ombudsman of Montreal and her assistant.

It is nice to have such support, as it helps to simplify matters greatly.

In November, Lachine Borough Mayor Claude Dauphin told me to meet with Mayor Worth and Mayor Barbe (Lasalle), as they are on the Executive Committee and their portfolios cover Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal.

I contacted both of them by email and by phone and I never heard from either of them.

Last night, Mayor Worth advised me that she had discussed the matter with Mayor Barbe and Mayor Tremblay. Wonderful!

Discussing and acting are two entirely different things. I asked Mayor Worth two times last night to do what is in the best interest of the citizens of Pierrefonds.

It is in the best interest of the citizens of Pierrefonds (and humanity) to see the 40,000+ participants of Velo Quebec events invited to raise $$ for the charities of the participants’’ choice.

Why? Because if they are, more money will be raised to find cures for diseases that kill and cause suffering to our parents, our children, our relatives, our friends, and ourselves. More funds will be raised for our hospitals, for the less fortunate, for the environment and other worthwhile things.

It is also in the best interest of the people of every other borough, that Montreal do as I ask. And it is also in the best interest of the people of Westmount, Mount-Royal, Beaconsfield, etc., etc. and it is in the interest of humanity for all the mayors to do as I have been asking them to do for the past eighteen years, with only a teenie, weenie amount of support.

It is a very sad reflection on humanity, that due to our own complacency we continually have politicians that do not do what is in the best interest of all of us, and we only have ourselves to blame.

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. i.e. Everyone complains to the people that have no power to change things for the better, but rarely are prepared to discuss such matters with those that do have the power.

This is referred to as whistling into the wind!

Have you ever written to Mayor Tremblay and asked him to do what is in the best interest of humanity? Will you do so now, and forward this blog to others, so that they too can tell Mayor Tremblay (and the other mayors below) to finally do what is in the best interest of all of us?

I have asked Mayor Tremblay to invite the participants of Velo Quebec events to raise $$ directly for the charities of the participants’ choice. If he does as I ask then perhaps a million dollars more will be raised for charity in the worst place for charitable giving north of Mexico, and you, your friends and your families will ultimately all benefit.

Mayor Tremblay, Mayor Worth, Mayor Barbe, Mayor de Sousa and Mayor Applebaum may be reached  at,,,,

For once in my life I would really like to see people do what is in their own best interest, but I know that in most cases all that I am doing is whistling into the wind.

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