Posted by: pafmurray | March 12, 2010

How To Fight City Hall, and Win! :o)

I think that when I write my memoirs, I will use that title.

Earlier today I faxed a letter to the President of the Quebec Human Rights Commission. For all intents and purposes it was a complaint. Why?

When one is threatened with arrest for the third time for doing something perfectly legal, it is time for one to put their foot down, and I did.

I received a call from the secretary of the President this afternoon and she informed me that my complaint against St. Laurent will be dealt with by the QC Human Rights Commission.

I see no reason why I will not be awarded moral and punitive damages, as my fundamental rights were infringed. I hope to receive all of the money that people have paid for driving and parking infractions, that they (including myself) did not deserve. I will be a millionaire!! :o)

If when/money comes this way there will be a victory meal (Thai) for all of those who have assisted over the past 23 years.

After that, the first $2500 will go to pay my entry in the Ride to Conquer Cancer (Montreal to Quebec) and the balance to the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation.

On Feb 17, St. Laurent called the police and St. Laurent told me that I was breaking a law. Three requests to St. Laurent asking which part of the law I broke were answered by “Ask the police.”

I asked the police over a week ago and I got no reply. Today I faxed the police and asked them again. No reply.

This is the circling wagon syndrome. Hopefully St. Laurent and the police will throw themselves at the mercy of the Human Rights Tribunal. (Originally I had no idea of complaining about the police, but if they do not respond then IMHO they are as bad as St. Laurent.)

On March 1 I went to the Borough Council Meeting of Pierrefonds. to ask a question. For those of you that are unaware, any person, no matter where they live, may ask a question at council meetings (in Quebec). It is in the cities and towns act and there is no distinction between towns, cities and boroughs.

On March 1 when I registered to ask a question I was told; “Mayor Worth does not allow non residents to ask questions at our meetings.” There was a cop 5 mts away so I told him that the law was being broken and that I required a witness. The cop was told the same and then Pierrefonds Councilor Ward told the cop that I had to go downtown if I wished to ask a question. As it was a civil matter the cop could do nothing. I simply went home and sent the law to the cop, the Borough Mayor all of the councilors, together what I thought of politicians who are ignorant of the laws that affect them, and I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

I look forward to going back to the next meeting :o)



  1. Murray,
    keep up the good work! We need more people like you who are so articulate & have the facts straight. You are very courageous!

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