Posted by: pafmurray | February 14, 2010

Too much has been happening too fast, and that is great!

The effort to have the Government of Canada give a 100% GST rebate to all of Canada’s public healthcare sector has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Whether the effort will succeed is anyone’s guess.

National hospital/healthcare organizations, deans of medicine, prominent physicians, prominent scientists, members of the Order of Canada, hospital boards and members of Parliament, have been encouraging the Hon. Jim Flaherty to do as I have asked.

The public, as usual has failed to write so if in the future when I hear anyone complain that they had to wait for 12 hours in emergency to be seen, I will simply smile.

On Monday I hope to receive a phone call from Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Pengoins). I have asked him to try and have Canada and the US’ Olympic hockey teams/players announce that aside from playing for their respective countries, they are playing for the benefit of kids with cancer and welcome fans to make donations to their local kids hospitals. (Its simple to set up as I deal with the international organization for hospital foundations.)

Haiti had an earthquake and 150,000 died. As a result of that Mayor Gerald Tremblay has a big decision to make. Does he invite Montrealers to cycle in Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal and raise $$ for the benefit of the survivors (and other causes as well) or does he toe Velo Quebec’s line and do zero for charity?

Last Monday I posed the question to Mayor Tremblay at a council meeting right after mentioning that 8 yrs ago “a high level Montreal official” promised me to do something but he never did.

Much to my surprise the mayor admitted that it was he who had lied.

8 yrs later he had the audacity to mention that it was “due to a technicality”. :o) He told me that he would phone me the following day. Fortunately, I did not hold my breath. 5 days have passed and no call.

We will have to see what happens when the word starts to get around the Haitian community of Montreal that Mayor Tremblay is not interested in causing over a million dollars to be raised for Haiti.

In the meantime, I received a call from the Executive Director of the Red Cross and I told him of my plan. He asked me to meet with him on Wednesday.

On top of using Le Tour to raise $$ for Haiti, I have been in touch with the Scotiabank Marathon (Montreal), an organization that puts on a major fundraising event and I will be contacting the Marathon de Montreal.

A week ago Tuesday I appeared at the St Laurent Borough Council Meeting and asked St. Laurent Mayor de Sousa if he could bring the GST motion to Montreal’s Executive Committee, the motion that would call upon the Minister of Finance to give the 100% GST rebate to the public healthcare sector.

As I walked back to my seat, Mayor de Sousa brought up a demonstration that I held in his borough 11 months previous. He was the target. TMR Mayor Danyluk told me just prior that Le Tour would be going through St Laurent. De Sousa had told me that he would take my points into consideration before allowing Le Tour back into St. Laurent.

On 2-3 mornings I demonstrated in St Laurent. When I demonstrate I do it alone and I do it in a fashion so that people will tell their friends, etc. about the demonstrations. My signs do not praise the target, they attack it.

Mayor de Sousa told me never to demonstrate again in St Laurent :o) There is an article in the current Suburban on the topic. At the end of the post is a letter that I sent to the Editor of The Suburban, for publication.

Danyluk was incorrect as far as the route was concerned. The map showed clearly that the event was not even approaching St Laurent.

I wrote to de Sousa, explained her mistake and apologized.

Please note that I do not live in, nor have I ever lived in St. Laurent, so its anyone’s guess as to which mayor I was referring to. :o)

Here is the letter:

With regard to DeSousa to Activist: Change Brand of Protest Suburban Feb 10; Mayor de Sousa told me never to demonstrate in St. Laurent again! I replied, essentially, that we have soldiers in Afghanistan dying so that people could have freedom of expression. If Mayor de Sousa has something against legitimate protest, I would like to suggest that he move to Iran, where demonstrators are routinely murdered by the authorities.

The signs that I held in St Laurent were in no way offensive to anyone but Mayor de Sousa. Together the 2 2’ x 4’ signs mentioned;

“Our Mayor is a Cruel and Foolish Imbecile  in my opinion”“Its for babies! INFO:

. Why I held such signs should be clear to anyone who read the end of the article.

In the article it is mentioned that Mayor de Sousa said that there was a word on the sign that began with the letter “F”. I welcome Mayor de Sousa to submit photos to The Suburban of me carrying such a sign, and if he does I will donate $100,000 to his favourite charity. If he can not produce such a photo, then I welcome him to donate $100 to Medecins Dailleurs;  so that they can look after the medical needs of those injured by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

Mayor de Sousa has missed the entire point of the argument. It has absolutely nothing to do with “inconvenience”. It has everything to do with the tremendous sociological problem among the Quebecois; that is a direct result of the Revolution Tranquille.

The median annual receipted charitable contribution of tax filers in QC is 38%-44% of the four provinces with less disposable income than ours. The worst place by far north of Mexico, for both charitable giving and volunteerism is Quebec.

The only reason why charitable giving is as high as it is in QC, is because not everyone here is Quebecois.

In order to help to solve the problem, it is necessary to have more Quebecois volunteering to raise funds. Peer to peer fundraising is the most efficient/successful method of fundraising.

If the participants of the London Marathon can raise $77 million.yr, those of the Ironman USA events $7.8 million, the NYC Marathon $3 million, etc., etc., etc., etc why is it that the participants of the Marathon de Montreal raise under $20,000 and those of Le Tour de l’Ile absolutely nothing?

It is time for the people of Quebec to finally carry their appropriate portion of the burden, and stop sitting on their rear ends with their hands stretched out palm up.

In spite of what the signs say, Mayor de Sousa is intelligent and he does have a heart. I just look forward to the day that he eventually finds it.

Nb: There may be photos of me holding the signs that I mentioned, but I have never had signs in any of my demonstrations that contained the “F” word, and I never will.

Murray Levine

National Coordinator (Volunteer)

No More GST for the Entire Public Healthcare Sector


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