Posted by: pafmurray | January 24, 2010

Why does Canada discriminate against the healthcare sectors of all of the provinces except for AB and NB?

Hospitals in eight provinces pay the GST and then get back only a portion. Why are only the hospitals of Alberta and New Brunswick exempt  from paying the GST, and not the rest?

The healthcare sectors of AB and NB are considered to be extensions of their provincial government. As one level of govt. may not tax another, AB and NB’s sectors are exempt, but all of the other provinces are not!!

In September, the Hon. Marlene Jennings, PC, MP tabled two petitions in the House of Commons.

One of the petitions asked for a 100% GST rebate for the public health care sector all across Canada, while the other called for the government to exempt hospitals, from remitting the GST that they collect in their parking lots and food serving areas, to the Canada Revenue Agency. Instead, it has been asked that these funds be directed to the institution’s foundation and be used to purchase medical equipment.

If the Government of Canada adopted both measures, Canadian hospitals would immediately benefit by over $350 million/yr.

Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Minister of Finance has replied that he will consider the requests for his next budget.

The difference between considering and adopting, is 100,000 emails from Canadians like you.

Please copy/paste and send the following:

Dear Minister Flaherty,

As you are aware, health care is a priority for the overwhelming majority of Canadians.

Would you be so kind and give all of Canada’s public health care system a 100% GST rebate, as in the case of municipalities, and at the same time exempt hospitals from remitting the GST that they collect in/on hospital property, to the Canada Revenue Agency, and allow those funds to be remitted directly to the foundation, and be used to purchase medical equipment, in order to save lives, ease suffering, and stimulate the economy?

To send the e-mail, please click here.

Please feel free to copy the message to your own Member of Parliament , to find their addresses click this link and please forward this blog to each and every Canadian on your email list.

Thank you!

Murray Levine


Philanthropic Athletes Foundation


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