Posted by: pafmurray | May 5, 2009

A Breakthrough? NDG-CDN Council Meeting of May 4th

I went to the council meeting because Michael Applebaum has been asking other councillors to cycle with him in Le Tour and raise $$. I wanted to ask him how many would be joining him.  I was also going to ask him if he would chair a meeting between Le Tour and myself. Unfortunately he is in the hospital.

Before the meeting I went up to Marcel Tremblay (the Mayor’s brother) with a paper. On it were the stats of giving across Canada but on the reverse I mentioned that the MCHF Radiothon raised $1.5 million last week and that the Ste. Justine’s Radiothon raised $500,000. (That was in 2007. I have no idea what they raised last Nov.)

The figures shocked Marcel Tremblay and he told me that he looked forward to hearing my question/information during question period. He also told me that my op-ed piece was “very informative”.

During question period I asked him to chair a meeting between Le Tour and myself. He said that he would call them tomorrow.

Then Councillor Rotrand spoke and mentioned that I have his full support. That was good because I was able to ask another question. I asked Marcel Tremblay to ask Le Tour tomorrow, for the percentages of where the participants come from and said that it was unfair for the taxpayers of Montreal to subsidize cyclists by $20 each that come from Laval and the South Shore, when those areas will not really allow the event upon their streets. (In my personal opinion, if the participants raised $2 million/yr for Montreal’s two children’s hospitals then that would justify the expense/inconvenience.)

He replied that he would ask them.

I do hope that he has more integrity than his brother. Seven years ago his brother told me on CJAD with 30,000 listening, that he would speak to Le Tour about cooperating with charity.

Months later the mayor’s head of communications told me that “the mayor had responded to my question, in spontaneity.”  :o)

The Gazette continues to be fair. There have been a few attacks for what I wrote in my op-ed (see previous post). They are generally ill-conceived and put words in my mouth and The Gazette has allowed me to respond to them.


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