Posted by: pafmurray | April 22, 2009

TMR, Cycling for Italian Earthquake Victims and Laval

The last post mentioned my receiving a lawyer’s letter from TMR demanding that I stop with my effort to have them reverse their decision about allowing Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal through, unless the participants were invited to raise funds for charity.

Yesterday I received an email from Me. Julius Grey, who I am confident that everyone knows is likely Canada’s most prominent lawyer in the area of human rights. He asked me to advise him if TMR initiated a SLAPP against me. :o)

I had the pleasure of meeting with Mayor Danyluk on April 15 and I look forward to her becoming an ally in the effort to having the 45,000 participants of Velo QC events invited to raise $$ for worthy causes.

Presently, great efforts are being made to invite the almost 300,000 members of Montreal’s Italian community to cycle in the event and raise funds for the benefit of the  victims of the recent earthquake.

Those wishing to receive info concerning that effort should email

Tomorrow night a committee of the Ville de Laval will decide as to whether they will allow Le Tour to return IF the participants are invited to raise $$$ for worthy causes.

Laval banned the event 15 yrs. ago because they found no benefit whatsoever, for Laval’s taxpayers.

Whatever they decide tomorrow night (unless they sit on the fence), will have positive implications for my effort. Either way Montreal will have to take a look at what Laval’s decision is.

If Laval says “Yes” then Montreal will not look good for allowing the event thru without a charity component, and spending over $600,000 on the event to boot..

If Laval says “No” then Montreal has to consider why taxpayers are spending $20/participant of a major city that will not allow the event, because of inconvenience and relatively minute cost to their own taxpayers.

Montreal does not deserve to look good. Mayor Gerald Tremblay told me 7 yrs ago that he would do something positive. He lied through his teeth. Andre Lavallee, the Executive Committee member in charge of events like Le Tour has been asked by two borough mayors to meet with me, and he has ignored their overtures as well as mine.

Quebec is by far the worst area for both charitable giving and volunteerism in Canada and the USA. How Montreal acts is simply a manifestation of the problem.

Unfortunately the prevalent stupidity and insensitivity impacts upon all of our lives, but the vast majority of people only realize such things when it is too late to do anything about it.


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