Posted by: pafmurray | April 9, 2009

The Threat of Legal Action from TMR!

On March 26 the lawyer representing the Town of Mount Royal threatened to sue me, essentially if I did not stop trying to have TMR reverse their decision about allowing Le Tour de l’Ile de Monttreal through TMR this year.

I have been asking cities to ban the event, unless the participants are invited to raise funds for Montreal’s children’s hospitals!

Such a lawsuit is referred to as a “Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation” (SLAPP) [Google SLAPP for more info] and there are anti-SLAPP laws in over half of the legal jurisdictions in Canada and the USA.

The idea of a SLAPP is generally for a firm, being criticized for polluting or something similar. Firms try and ruin their critics financially so that their critics can criticize no more, or scared into not criticizing.

On April 7 Bill 9 was introduced in Quebec’s National Assembly and it makes SLAPPs essentially illegal. One commencing a SLAPP can be ordered to pay all of the legal fees/costs of the opposition and if such actions are taken, the burden of proof would be on the person/firm suing. Judges will be able to throw SLAPP cases out of court when they recognize a legal action as being a SLAPP.

That being said, there are now individuals in TMR spreading the word about TMR’s decision to allow Le Tour back when last year Mayor Danyluk refused the event and even said that it would be more politically acceptable to allow the event to return to TMR if it raised funds for charity.

I was informed today that a very influential TMR resident has spoken to her friend (a Town Councilor) in support of my effort.

As I will be meeting with Mayor Danyluk on April 14 to discuss the situation, I will write nothing further on TMR until after the meeting.

I welcome all TMR residents to sign the online petition and ask all recipients of this blog to forward it to all whom they know in TMR.

I am pleased to inform everyone that I have received a letter from the Mayor of Laval and that the City Manager will be advising me if Laval will allow Le Tour to return, providing the participants of the event are invited to raise $$$ for charity. Laval banned the event about 15 yrs ago because “there was no benefit for the citizens of Laval”!

So, Montreal taxpayers are paying $20/ per Laval (and South Shore) participant in the event, and suffer from all of the ill effects of the event, while Laval (and the South Shore) do not have to suffer or pay anything!!


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