Posted by: pafmurray | March 24, 2009

Aggressive Fighting For The Right Is The Noblest Sport The World Affords

Lots of things have been happening.

For one, on Thursday the Ville de Montreal advised me that the taxpayers of the Island paid $602,000 to stage Le Tour last year! That is $20/participant.

That got some Montreal politicians in an uproar!

Thousands of emails have been/or will be sent out shortly in the areas of St. Laurent, TMR and to a lesser degree elsewhere. The message in the email mentions what is happening in various cities with regard to Le Tour and instructs the residents of various cities what to do.

DDO residents are being asked to encourage DDO to allow the event to come thru in the future if the participants are invited to raise $$ for charity.

St Laurent residents are asked to contact Borough Mayor de Sousa and ask him to ban the event if it does not cooperate with charity.

TMR residents are asked to contact Vera Danyluk and ask that TMR reverse their decision to allow Le Tour through. Last yr. TMR would not allow Le Tour through. Check what Mayor Danyluk said at the end of the article. In my personal opinion, the woman is a joke!

A year later she is going to allow the event through!

Please see this link for some history on all this.

Mayor Danyluk is going to be receiving a call from a Companion of the Order of Canada, encouraging her to do as I ask, and I expect that she will be receiving other calls as well.

If those calls/emails do not bear fruit, Mayor Vera Danyluk will be crying and screaming.

This A.M. I demonstrated in St Laurent. As I was demonstrating a gentleman behind me asked if I could turn the 4’ x 4’ sign for him to read. I told him to wait as there were 20 cars in front of me to read the sign.

I then turned and in shock he asked if the sign was directed against Alan de Sousa. I smiled and told him that it was. He did not recognize me as I was wearing a balaclava and sunglasses. I recognized him. It was St Laurent City Councilor Maurice Cohen. I could not ask for better as he is as close to de Sousa as one could be. :o !

CSL Mayor Anthony Housefather told me yesterday that he will be cycling in Le Tour with CDN-NDG Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum. Michael is sending out the word to other politicians inviting them to cycle in the event and raise $$. Finally! As I have been trying to have charities use Le Tour for the past 17 years! I asked Benoit Labonte’s assistant to ask Labonte if he would cycle in the event and raise $$. The response was assuring.

There has been no word from Laval as to whether they will allow Le Tour back if it cooperates with charity. There has been no word back from Cirque de Soleil’s Guy Laliberte whether he will ask Le Tour to raise $$.

What never fails to amaze me is how individuals will do whatever it takes to save their child’s life when they have a life threatening illness, BUT to do anything before that time, the vast majority will not do a single thing.

Then along comes the consciousness raiser to get them off of their rear ends, and they still do nothing. Then when the consciousness raiser embarrasses them for doing nothing, they scream that the consciousness raiser does “inappropriate” things to have people do appropriate things.

Have a nice day! “The Consciousness Raiser”


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