Posted by: pafmurray | March 18, 2009

What Is Happening This Week

On Monday night I attended the CSL Council Meeting and I asked essentially for the same thing that I had asked of DDO a week earlier.

After I said my piece in CSL I received applause and advised that CSL would consider having Le Tour back, if it raised funds for charity, while in DDO I was advised that my tactics were not appreciated, and that DDO would do absolutely nothing.

In my personal opinion, the Mayor and Councilors of DDO deserve to be ashamed of themselves, for putting saving lives behind the stupidity that would not have 45,000 cyclists in Montreal and Quebec, invited to raise $$$ for worthy causes.

On Tuesday a.m., I demonstrated on Sources/Brunswick in order to get media coverage and public support. CFCF was there filming me and the West Island Chronicle/Cite Nouvelles took photos. Mention of the effort was made by CJAD’s morning man, Andrew Carter.

Montreal Executive Committee member Andre Lavallee has now likely been asked by two Executive Committee members and the mayor’s office to meet with me but ignores their overtures, as well as mine. Michael Applebaum who supported this effort years ago, and is on the Executive Committee, has not responded to my email that he, M. Lavallee and myself meet to discuss the issue.

Lavallee, is the man in charge of le Tour de l’Ile. His failure to communicate exemplifies the idiotic Quebecois stance against charitable giving and volunteerism, and only serves to perpetuate the perennially embarrassing statistics that maintains Quebec in the worst place by far statistically, for both charitable giving/volunteerism in Canada and the USA.

One day, in spite of all of the politicians’ stupidity, charity will prevail, and those who stood in the way of saving lives, will get their just reward, very likely in hell.



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