Posted by: pafmurray | March 14, 2009

Some Nice Politicians and One Awful One

On Monday night I went to the Pointe-Claire Council meeting and asked them to ban Le Tour unless the participants were invited to raise funds. I was asked some questions and then advised that they would let me know. The exchange was most cordial.

On Tuesday I went to the DDO Council Meeting and delivered essentially the same speech, BUT asked DDO to allow Le Tour to return if the 45,000 participants of Velo QC events were invited to raise funds for the children’s hospitals providing a route could be found that would not greatly inconvenience DDO residents.

DDO banned the event 20 yrs ago, and rightly so because of the inconvenience.

The mayor replied that he would never allow the event to return, and told me that he did not like my tactics. I replied; ”You know what you are? You’re an idiot!” and I walked right out.

If the man was not going to let the event back under any conditions, what difference should my tactics make to him? I am simply trying to save lives and all that he is, is simply an obstacle to accomplishing exactly that!

The next day I was interviewed by a reporter from a French paper in the West Island. He was at the DDO council meeting and tracked me down.

On Thursday, I received a call from the assistant of the opposition leader in Montreal (Benoit Labonte). Labonte is into feeding the less fortunate so I suggested that he cycle in Le Tour to raise $$ to feed the less fortunate, and ask the Mayor and councillors to join him and raise $$ or at least sponsor him. His assistant said that he could not raise $$ for one food bank and not another so I solved the problem and suggested that he cycle for the benefit of Moisson Montreal, which is an umbrella org for all the food banks.

He told me that no Borough can ban the event as it’s a Montreal (city) wide event, so I can continue to hound them with the fact that in the future it is going to be the Tour de Ville and not the Tour de l’Ile.

I received an email from the head of communications for Mayor Tremblay. What I sent to him has been sent to Andre Lavallee, the Executive Committee member in charge of Le Tour.

On Thursday I received a call from the assistant of one of the Borough Mayors. This Borough Mayor happens to be a sociologist, and is aware of the problems in QC vis a vis charitable giving/volunteerism. She will be calling up Andre Lavallee and ask him to meet with me. :o)



  1. I encourage all DDO residents to write to their Mayor/Council and encourage them to do as I ask, simply because ultimately what I do may save the life of someone you love.
    DDO’s email address is CONSEIL@DDO.QC.CA

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