Posted by: pafmurray | March 7, 2009

Media Coverage On the Way RE: The Terrible Waste of Le Tour de l”ile de Montreal

On Thursday I was interviewed by The Gazette and on Friday by The Suburban, There should be something going into the West End Times shortly as well.

I have asked both Laval and DDO, two cities that have long banned Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal, to allow the event back, providing all the participants of Velo QC events, including Le Tour de l’Ile, are invited to raise $$$ for charity.

To help with the effort it is imperative that DDO residents encourage their mayor to allow Le Tour de l’Ile d Montral back, providing all 45,000 participants of the event are invited to raise $$$ for charity.

DDO’s email for the mayor is

It is also imperative that the residents of St. Laurent, Pt. Claire, TMR, Hampstead, Westmount, Montreal-West, CDN-NDG, Pierrefonds,  and other boroughs ask their mayors to ban Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal from their streets, unless the participants are invited to raise funds.

Some contact info is below.

For this effort to meet with success, it is imperative that everyone reading this blog (on the Island of Montreal) write to their mayor or borough mayor and urge them to ban Le Tour de l’Ile and Velo QC events from their streets, unless the 45,000 participants of the events are invited to raise $$$ for charity. (This does not apply to Dorval, Kirkland and CSL.)

It is exceedingly easy to find a mayor/borough mayor’s email and it costs nothing to send an email. (Some addresses appear below.)
If you help in the effort, at least in the end when the effort succeeds, you will be able to have some pride.


Town of Mount Royal



Ville St. Laurent

This year happens to be the 25th anniversary of both Le Tour and Cirque de Soleil.  Cirque will be participating somehow with Le Tour as part of the celebration of Cirque’s anniversary.

I have requested of  Cirque de Soleil founder, Guy Laliberte to ask the President of Velo QC, to allow him to invite all 45,000 participants of Velo QC events to raise $$ directly for the children’s hospital of the choice of the individual that accepts Guy’s invitation to raise funds.

I have explained to him the awful sociological problem in QC that has the median of our annual receipted charitable contribution at far less than half of the provinces with less disposable income than ours. Volunteerism is not much better with our rate of 34% of those over 15 yrs of age volunteering while in the rest of Canada it ranges from 44%-50%.

Velo QC would not say “No” to Guy if he asked, simply because of whom he is and what he might do if they insulted him by refusing. Guy happens to have a foundation that helps underdeveloped countries provide sources of water for their citizens.


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