Posted by: pafmurray | February 26, 2009

What has been happening?


1) I have a petition going out all across Canada calling upon the Government of Canada to exempt hospitals from remitting the GST that they collect in their parking lots, food serving areas and gift shops.

The Hon. Marlene Jennings will present the petition at an appropriate time in the House of Commons. A link to the hospital petition is just to the right.

I have been asked by the Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations; “Would you be open to expanding the language of your petition so that it is in sync with our request?” They are looking to have hospitals exempted from paying the GST on all of their purchases

That alone is worth $300 million/yr to hospitals. So far the petition as I have it worded would bring about $50 million/yr to hospitals.

Now to decide whether to go for the $50 million or a total of $350 million. I will let the Hon. Marlene Jennings do what she is comfortable with.

2) Velo Quebec is in for a big surprise. I just spoke to the Mayor of Dorval’s secretary and she advised that the letter that I have been waiting for will be signed tomorrow. If the letter is as what the mayor and I discussed then it will advise me that Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal is banned from Dorval until which time the participants of Velo QC events are invited to raise $$$ for charities.

Such a letter would hopefully elicit the same from other cities and boroughs. Once that happens, 45,000 cyclists will be invited to raise funds for charity.

3) Last week Cote St Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather sent me an email mentioning that Le Tour de l’Ile de Montreal is not welcome back in CSL whether they raise $$ for charity or not.

I asked him for a letter stating this and he refused. Why anyone would refuse such a request, especially in view of the fact that it would actually help to have 45,000 participants in Velo QC events invited to raise funds for worthy causes, is beyond the comprehension of my feeble mind!

The next council meeting is March 16 so I may be there.



  1. Please put me on the e-mail list. Thank you.

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